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Dr. Caitlin Landt, DC

Dr. Caitlin grew up on a farm near Liscomb, IA .  At a young age, she knew she wanted to help others and be in the healthcare field when she grew up.  She discovered the benefits and power of chiropractic care during college and can't imagine living without regular care.  She credits chiropractic care for allowing her to live a healthy and active lifestyle.     


Dr. Caitlin attended The University of Northern Iowa, earning a degree in Exercise Science.  She went on to earn her Doctorate of Chiropractic at Northwestern Health Sciences in Bloomington, MN.  She has additional education in nutrition, pediatrics through the ICPA, has earned her Acupuncture Certification, and is Webster Certified, a technique used on women during pregnancy.  


Dr. Caitlin is also certified in the Schaefer Protocol, which focuses on building a healthy body, not chasing symptoms.  This protocol has programs focusing on preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, and general health.  Click here to learn more 


Dr. Caitlin is excited to be back serving Central Iowa and looks forward to helping patients of all ages achieve their health and wellness goals.

"I believe our bodies were designed to move well and feel well.  Chiropractic care allows our bodies to adapt to the many stresses of life, allowing our bodies to heal themselves and function at their highest potential.  Although I was not "sick" when I was first introduced to chiropractic, I was missing out on an important component of health, beyond my pain I originally sought out care for.  After experiencing chiropractic care during college, I learned just how great our bodies are supposed to feel and learned what true health is. Seeing my family and friends, young and old, benefit greatly from chiropractic care is why I love this profession and the ability it has given me to help others.  My goal at Heartland Family Chiropractic is to deliver the same high quality care I was given when introduced to chiropractic, so that others can utilize chiropractic care to feel their best, move their best, and live their best by achieving their true health potential."

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